Ways to help the center

Please help the center!

April 4, 2023

The Greater Wakefield Resource Center is dangerously low on funds.

We are reaching out to the towns that we serve—Wakefield, Farmington, Brookfield, Middleton, and Milton—in hopes that these communities will help us as we try to regain our footing in 2023.

We understand that these are hard times for many, which is why we feel our mission—to improve the health, education, and employment of the citizens of our communities—is more important than ever. As a community nonprofit, we cannot survive without your support and donations.

Ways you can help

  • Make a donation : Every single donation helps, no matter how small. Donations are the fastest way to help.
  • Help us spread the word. Not everyone is in a position to donate, but we can all spread the word and maybe find someone who can help the center!
  • If you know of a local business who may be interested in supporting our mission as a Community Partner, please let them know.
  • If you know of any other community nonprofits that may be able to help us with funding or food, please help us connect with them.
  • Rent the hall! If you know someone who is planning an event or a party, let them know about us! Renting the hall is one of the ways we raise money to fund our programs and maintain the center!

More info about what’s happening at the center…

Normally, our budget is supplemented by the Town of Wakefield, but the recent vote has forced the town into a default budget which offers no additional funding of any kind, including the center. Between these budget cuts, our inability to rent out the hall during covid, and increasing food costs, the center is now at a crucial impasse.

Right now, our primary goal is to be able to keep serving healthy, affordable meals to the community. Any donation will help!