Meal Prices Are Changing Effective Monday June 19

Our Meal Prices Are Changing

Price Changes are Effective Monday, June 19, 2023

With the failure of our town budget, the Greater Wakefield Resource Center has lost all of our funding. The cost of EVERYTHING is skyrocketing.

The cost of food alone keeps increasing dramatically. You can imagine what it costs to prepare and serve our meals to you. The cost of the containers for our pickup customers is more than 35% than last year alone. Our utilities, electricity, and fuel for heating have all doubled.

Because we want to continue to present our best to you, our faithful and loyal customers, we have made a few decisions:

  • We will continue offering grab n go meals for now.
  • Beginning Monday June 19 our suggested donation for a Dine-In meal will be $7
  • The suggested donation for a Grab n Go meal will be $10

A few reminders!

  • Dine-In meal service begins at 11:45
  • Meals are available on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • CALL 603 473-8324 TO RESERVE YOUR MEAL