From left to right, we have Bobby, Martha, Jen, and Chef Peter!

Meet the Resource Center Team!

Meet the team that creates the environment, the food, and your dining experience at the Resource Center!

From left to right:

  • First we have Bobby and Martha! Officially they are volunteers, but they are so much more. Greeters, servers, and always assisting whenever and wherever they’re needed.
  • Next we have Jen. She wears many hats at the center, from repairs to assisting in the dining room. In the kitchen, Jen is the chef’s assistant as well as our Dessert Master. Her desserts are sweet memories for all!
  • And on the far right we have Chef Peter. The creator. The master. The man. Many names for the person who creates our menus and prepares fantastic meals!

We are so incredibly lucky to have this team in our community.

Support the team

You can support them by making a donation to the Center. We stretch every dollar!